XIX Pentacles, XCII Legions​.​.​.

by Goathammer

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released July 10, 2014



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Goathammer Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Communal Invokators of Abhorrence. Unholy Cryptfucking Metal. Obey The Hammer.

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Track Name: Lilith
quench the void
lozenge of puss
defiant will of iron
nether-realms entwine
vomitory of souls
unfold the abyssic loin
Lilith spread wide open
Track Name: Born Of Avernus
holocaustic crusaders of carnage
cascades of blood in the moonlight
vomit upon impurities - shadows of death
furious jaws of oppression - immolation
repugnant stench clasping smoke-filled air
noxiously abhorrent and sempiternal orgies
exaltation upon the altars of mayhem
with gnashing teeth and devotion to death
Track Name: Cryptfuck
deviant dark mind full of black thought bones upon which the semen befell deep in the irreverent soils of morbid lust embalmed, rotted flesh of condemnation this night of ceremony betrothing damnation coital ritual of sepulchral perversion inversion of the cross, between piss and shit orgiastic blasphemy below the cenotaph
Track Name: Dæmon Possessed
deconsecrators of the eucharist
communal invocators of abhorrence
imperial demons of the black light
chaos disciples of The Tomb

drunk on the sacred wines
bloodthirsty for morsels of damnation
lapping exsanguinated juices
from the thighs of the holy dead

hatefucking wargasmic devastation
behexen are untruths of the false
selfless death emanating levitation
invoked by the markings of the southern sign

intoxicating auras of rotting swarth
where in abundance the tools of death
seeping ethers penetrate the pores
soul desecration, demon possessed

mortuary streams communicating
as they rise weightlessly to the air
ancient ethos of the ceremonial hunt
apparitional remnants of what once was

ritualizing purveyors of perdition
fates of death worse than life
devotional impetuous hermeticism
reborn in the fires of his knowledge

where a weak mind chose the lesser
a staunch deviant chose the wiser
fearlessly walking with consequence
this is my path, this is my worship

under the oath of his contract
chalices held high in praise
to the ledger of this sealed sigil
Oh Satan father of free will
Track Name: XIX Pentacles, XCII Legions...
cast betwixt the burning skies ritual smoke trailing thy plummet embers smoldering beneath nightwings echoing voices of the subconscious callings of the unconscious elevation chastised vessel - deliverance from falsehood the third - the vision - true wisdom this path in stone - as above, so below pillared transcendental thrones of truth the abyssal invocation of the portal realms forever beyond the throes of man
Track Name: The Truth (Death Strike Cover)
Mannequin, Mannequin
They're all the same
Plastic faces
Plastic faces
Society's to blame

Open your eyes
Clear your fuckin' mind
Remove that disguise
Deep in your mind

Replicas of today's world
Commercially programmed
Plastic faces
Plastic faces
Society's to blame

Posing bodies
Unclear minds
Posing bodies
Society's crimes