Cryptfucking Demonizers Of Holocaustic Wrath

by Goathammer

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released June 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Goathammer Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Communal Invokators of Abhorrence. Unholy Cryptfucking Metal. Obey The Hammer.

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Track Name: Obscure Oath Of Ubiquitous Ominosity
Under the sign of the blood moon
The reaper sits crowned in wait
Frothing hinges of a voracious, diseased jaw
Enshrouded procession of the funeral goat
True divinity arise within this fleshlessness
As the embers of the chastised smoulder
Serpentine concubines writhe with morbid lust
In Satanic celebration of misanthropic victory
Embellished by the fiery ethers of euphoria
As the ritual mass execrate the false
Nuclear vomit bleeds visions of wonder
Obscure oath of ubiquitous ominosity
Apotheosis of fungal transcendence
Imperial disinter transfixed by the void
Transducers of Luciferian enlightenment and vigor
Imperative vilifier of transmutational falsehood
Track Name: Uncelestial Ascension Of A Will Fated By The Void
Meticulous winds rival the branch Where below a hollow vessel sway Fetid and festering; sour quintessence Devoid cycle of decay, only death is real

Clamorous deed, din of awakening Wherein this chamber - writhing, clouded sanity Lurking, latching - conquered unworth Transcending the means by which I exist

Rotting truths of unbecoming Mold and vicarious growths below a silent muscle Diseased loins give birth once again Scathing hymns of the Black Rite

Dismembered soul, shadows cast centrifugal Anti-cosmic abyss ushering whispers from the void Unsalted circles in the soil below feet undivine I have spoken your secret name.